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 Welcome to the Hudson-Mohawk Group!

Hudson-Mohawk Group

Welcome to the Hudson-Mohawk Group, a group of the Atlantic Chapter of Sierra Club. Group Members and visitors alike are encouraged to use this site as a resource.

Hudson-Mohawk Group
PO Box 8447
Albany, NY 12208-8447

For membership information, contact Susan Lawrence

For information about volunteering, contact Susan Lawrence

For information about the Sierra Club 2007 National Board of Directors election, see the Sierra Club BOD Election webpage.

Special Alert. Help Protect the Adirondacks !!

The Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter Adirondack Committee is joining with other organizations to fight two current huge development projects in the Adirondacks. Please see our Alert about this.

For direct access to Sierra Club national expertise about time-sensitive issues, contact the Sierra Club Environmental 911 Program, by phone at 415-977-5520 or by email at

For up-to-date information about pressing environmental issues facing New York State and about ways to take action, join the Atlantic Chapter's action alert email list. Members receive an average of four emails a month. To subscribe, send an email to with no subject and with message:

To find out how to get Take Action Alerts and other important national Sierra Club messages by email, browse to

For anything about the Hudson-Mohawk Group website, send email to (substitute the usual "@" symbol for "_at_". )