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EPA Supports Onondaga Lake Watershed Cleanup
Onondaga Lake. Photo from New York State Museum
Photo courtesy of the New York State Museum


Funding Allows for Creation of New Advisory Position


The federal Environmental Protection Agency has provided $260,000 to assist in the efforts to clean up Onondaga Lake. A portion of the funding will be used to provide the salary for a Watershed Coordinator, who will assist public and private agencies in the development of policies to control the flow of polluted water into the lake. Aimee Clinkhammer, previously employed as an Environmental Finance Expert at the Syracuse Center for Excellence, will serve as the Coordinator for the Onondaga Lake Watershed.


"Having one person in charge is a great step forward toward achieving our goal of a clean, healthy lake and watershed"


In her role as Coordinator, Ms. Clinkhammer will work with businesses, community groups, local governments and the Onondaga Nation to plan for the restoration of health to the Onondaga Lake Watershed. She will also direct outreach initiatives aimed at explaining and promoting restoration and community access to Onondaga Lake and other natural areas within the watershed. She will help assess the impacts of proposed projects, land use planning and other decisions that impact the integrity of the lake.


According to Jack Ramsden, Iroquois Group Secretary, having one person in charge of coordinating all actions at various levels of government is a great step forward toward achieving our goal of a clean, healthy lake and watershed.


The Iroquois Group has been fortunate to confirm Ms. Clinkhammer as the presenter at our monthly program on Wednesday, May 28th. We encourage all persons and groups to join us for this special event. Space for group promotions will be available.