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2013 Election Endorsements

2013 Sierra Club Endorsements for Mid-Hudson Group/Sierra Club and Supporters

Your vote counts, when added to the others in your district. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th.

You can increase the value of our Sierra Club endorsements by donating money to campaigns (local candidates are appreciative of even small contributions). Mention that the Sierra Club endorsement is a large part of your motivation. You can also increase our endorsement power by volunteering for a campaign (local campaigns use grassroots methods) with the announcement that you are a Sierran. Both of these activities can be done by people who can’t vote for a particular candidate. Contact the candidate to find out what she or he needs.

**Below is a summary of reasons why Joel Tyner in Dutchess County has been endorsed. The Sierra Club urges all Sierrans to donate money and volunteer work as well as vote for him if you are in his district.

The Sierra Club endorses Joel Tyner for the Dutchess County legislative district 11.  He has worked on environmental issues ranging from solarizing county buildings to exposing groundwater contamination from MTBE. He supports well testing when properties are sold in order to inform county residents of contaminated drinking water. While a Democrat, he has worked with county Republicans on various environmental issues.
Joel Tyner: 845-453-2105;

**Below is a summary of reasons why these 5 Ulster County candidates have been endorsed. The Sierra Club urges all Sierrans who value the environment and their health to support these candidates with money and volunteer work as well as their votes.

The Sierra Club endorses Tim Distel (D) for Ulster County Legislature District 14, Towns of Wawarsing & Shawangunk. Tim served on the Town of Wawarsing Environmental Conservation Commission, which advocated a ban on fracking that was passed by the town board. Tim advocates for a countywide digital crops inventory to help farmers sell their available products. He also thinks that expanding public access to our natural resources will create more jobs.
Tim Distel: (845)-418-2616;

The Sierra Club endorses Manna Jo Greene (D) for Ulster County Legislature District 19, Towns of Marbletown & Rosendale. She is promoting the necessary transition to a green energy economy as well as buying local produce. Manna Jo is working on closing the Indian Point nuclear reactor, which is close to Ulster County. She drafted the Rondout Creek Watershed Plan, important in this time of severe weather events.
Manna Jo Greene: 845-687-9253 (home/home office);
The Sierra Club endorses Ken Wishnick (D) Ulster County Legislature District 17, Towns of Esopus & New Paltz. He led the effort to ban fracking waste brine from being used on county roads as part of his opposition to fracking. Ken thinks that more than bacteria should tested for in wells when properties are sold. He reminds us that farmers must be able to earn a sustainable income.
Ken Wishnick: 845-750-6270;
The Sierra Club endorses Jennifer Metzger for the Rosendale town council. She is presently chair of the Rosendale Environmental Commission and a co-founder of Citizens for Local Power, a group opposing the sale of Central Hudson to a Canadian company. She also founded Rosendale Earthfest and is saving the town money and energy by leading a street light assessment. Jen wants redevelopment of already developed parcels.
Jen Metzger: 845-658-8967;
The Sierra Club endorses Chris Pryspolski (D) for the Rosendale town council. Chris has governmental experience as chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals. He opposes fracking and would encourage Rosendale restaurants and festivals to draw attention to local farms. He would improve regulation of air pollution from outdoor wood boilers. Securing a permanent home for the Rosendale farmers market is another of his priorities.
Chris Pryslopski: 845-658-5396;