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SC Zero Waste Event/Recycling Survey


Instructions for this survey

Please consider taking this short online survey if you are a planner of local events or if you attend events in the Rochester, NY Region.

The Rochester Sierra Club Zero Waste Committee is studying local interest in providing recycling/zero waste features at events in our region.

Making an event a recycling event, or nearly zero waste (where food waste is collected and hauled away) requires planning, expense, and promotion.

At present, Monroe County provides no incentives (such as in the City of San Josť, The Zero Waste Event Program), so only a relatively few events provide recycling and/or nearly zero waste.

With this short survey, we hope to gage interest in having more events and festivals in our region that are environmentally-friendly. No private information is being gathered, we are only interested in some general feedback.

If you are an event attendee, please fill out just the first six questions.

If you are an event planner, you probably also attend other events, so please fill out all questions.

If you would you like a contact to further discuss recycling at an event, please sign up and contact us.

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* City of San Josť Zero Waste Event Program The Zero Waste Event Program was created to encourage waste prevention and reduction, recycling, and composting at events held in the City of San Josť.