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Volunteer opportunities

         Our committee is considering a signature clean-up event to give us publicity.  This could be a section of the Canal Path, a section of the city or a park.  It might also be where we volunteer our committee to be recycling rangers for the City of Rochester’s ‘Clean Sweep’ yearly program.  Please send feedback to our email list on your ideas.  Doing something, like we do with Monroe County Pick Up The Parks program, gives us a chance to connect with the public and the local authorities.  

         We have a display table at Greenovation with our Zero Waste materials.  We are considering staffing that table at various times so we can talk to folks who come to Greenovation about what we do and demonstrate our Perfect Recycling Bin.  At various times, Greenovation has some special events, would someone like to take on scheduling volunteers for our displays during these events?  This would give us a chance to talk to the public one-on-one about recycling, zero waste, and even composing. 

         We could really use a Communication Czar for our committee.  Someone to write artless and meet with the media about our activities and ideas on recycling and zero waste.  We want to encourage our local media to put out constant reminders to educate the public about recycling.  Anyone interested in writing up a draft for a press release on our committee’s plea to get the local media to remind the public on recycling, including electronics? 

         Got an interest? Contact me (

         We are considering to use a flat-screen TV with old iPod with video capabilities to run programs like “The Story of Stuff” and/or PowerPoint programs we work up to educate the public about recycling.   If you have ideas about getting some component of this set-up, please contact me.  Our ability to communicate our goals to the public will be greatly enhanced.  Our displays will look very cool—even when we aren’t there.  

         We’d like someone in our committee to be a liaison with Buffalo Recycling Alliance to learn what they are doing and coordinate our recycling efforts between Rochester and Buffalo.  It would require to you to go to Buffalo once in awhile and attend one of their meetings.  

         We are considering a spring program in March 2013 on recycling and zero waste at the Brighton Town Auditorium for the public.  We need a big name draw to attack as many folks as possible.  We’ll talk about this at our January meeting. Got thoughts?

         We want to help fine-tune our efforts at Greentopia’s Waste Diversion Team so that our efforts as Recycling Rangers go soother next year.  2012 was a very successful year and we helped get a lot of stuff composted and recycled. If you have suggestions for next year’s Greentopia, bring them with you to the next meeting.  

         We want to help Geenovation promote its new’ tiny houses’ project that uses recycled materials for the homeless.  Got ideas?

         We will continue our efforts for the fourth year with Monroe County’s Pick-Up-the-Parks program.  The Sierra Club Zero Waste Committee has helped the county for three years by leading a park clean-up at a specific park in the spring.  When Ryan starts up our monthly meetings on this, I’ll let everyone know. 

         We still want to get an unused phone book character study with Cascades that will give our committee an idea of how many new phone books in our county are not being used.

         We are considering a program to help local schools adopt a green recycling program.  If someone would volunteer to take this on, and maybe even a recycling program (dog and pony show) for schools and libraries, that would be great. 

         At some point we need to work up a draft for a Sierra Club suggested guidelines for reusing and recycling in our region.  This would be list of suggested guidelines that companies and organizations can check in our area.  I’m still thinking of how we would best use this list.  Some of the general guidelines and goals of the Sierra Club Zero Waste program are on our New York State (or Atlantic Chapter)’s web site  . 

         How about having someone lead a start-up program to introduce dual-trash and recycle bin at various places around the city?  Our biggest hurdle would be getting the recyclables removed on a period schedule.  It’s a great way to promote our objectives and work with the government, like they do in Ithaca, to reduce waste.  

         We are considering ways to help the Sierra Club reinvigorate the social media program Activist Network (here is our page that hasn’t worked, but they want it to. 


Purpose of this list

This volunteer opportunities list is a wish list of possible projects for our Zero Waste to get action on recycling in our community. If you have more idea, or want to take on one of these project, contact me and put ZW volunteer list in the subject line.