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Welcome to the Susquehanna Group of the Sierra Club, which covers Broome, Chenango, and Delaware counties, as well as parts of Tioga and Otsego counties, in New York State.  For more information about the group, use the menu on the left.
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Tuesday, Nov 18
Central United Methodist Church, 17 Nanticoke Ave., Endicott, NY

7:30 pm:
" Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo - Environmental issues facing the NYS Legislature "

Each year the NYS Assembly passes good environmental legislation but most never become law due to Senate inaction.

Sierra Club Susquehanna Group Announces Political Endorsements for Local Races based on positions on

Fracking, Sustainable Economy, Campaign Finance Reform, and Renewable Energy

Broome County The Sierra Club Susquehanna Group has announced their endorsement of the following local candidates for New York State Assembly as well as County Legislature:

New York State Senate 52nd District Anndrea Starzak

New York State Assembly - 123rd District - Donna Lupardo

Broome County Legislature (6th district): Carol Howell

Broome County Legislature (7th district): Larry Coppola

Broome County Legislature (12th district): Robert H Reynolds

Broome County Legislature (14th district): Jason Garner

The environment and public health are important issues for many voters and we feel these candidates have the best record or commitment and the integrity required to keep our community safe, healthy, and sustainable, stated Scott Lauffer, Chair of the Susquehanna Group.

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo has shown an excellent voting record in her years in the New York State Assembly. She has been consistently endorsed by the Sierra Club in the past for election to the New York State Assembly. Donna has voted for a moratorium and an improved health care assessment on fracking. She has been a strong supporter of energy efficiency and renewable energy as well as campaign finance reform. She has been very supportive of Sierra Club initiatives over the years.

Regarding Senate candidate Anndrea Starzak, we feel she gets it right on the issues. The Sierra Club greatly appreciates her advocacy for environmental issues such as her support for a three year moratorium on hydro fracking; She has proposed increasing the use of renewable energy to improve our environment and promote job creation. Anndrea supports campaign finance reform, including having public financing of elections; campaign financing is a key issue as it impacts all other legislation.

The Sierra Club was founded in 1892 and is one of the oldest and most influential grassroots environmental organizations in the United States. The Susquehanna Group is based in the Binghamton area and has over 400 members in Broome County.

Contact: Allan Hochberg, Political Chair

Sierra Club Susquehanna Group


If you would like to volunteer for the Anndrea Starzak campaign and the other candidates we will be doing phone banking this Wednesday at the Starzak HQ at 352 Clinton St Binghamton Wednesday night Oct 29 at 6:30. There is also a Get Out the Vote effort on Saturday Nov 1, starting with a breakfast at Tranquil Restaurant 36 Pine St Binghamton. Call Starzak HQ at 729-0865 to register..

At the Central United Methodist Church, 17 Nanticoke Ave., Endicott, NY (on Route 26 — from Route 17, follow 26 north to Endicott, west on East Main, north on Nanticoke.) Parking in lot behind church, enter through back door on left. The public is welcome and refreshments are served following the meeting. Contact Scott Lauffer at 607-341-3746 or for more information.

About General Meetings:
Everyone interested is welcome at all Sierra Club activities, whether or not a member (except for Executive Committee meetings). General meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of  each month, except July and August. They are held at Central United Methodist Church, 17 Nanticoke Ave., Endicott, NY (on Route 26 — from Route 17, follow 26 north to Endicott, west on East Main, north on Nanticoke.) The public is welcome and refreshments are served following the meeting. Contact Scott Lauffer at 607-341-3746 or for more information. 

Get Active!
There are a variety of ways to get involved (contact or meet with elected officials, go on an outing, write a letter to the editor, attend a community meeting, talk with your neighbors, etc) and a wide diversity of issues to work on (fracking, agriculture, energy, translation, water protection, and so much more)-- so get active now!
Click Here to fill out a volunteer form.

"Frack Before We Think?"
Carl Stannard, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Binghamton University

For many reasons, hydrofracking should not be undertaken until, at the very least, an honest and unbiased study of its health effects can be completed.  Too many times, we have been lured by the promise of the quick buck to leap without sufficient foresight into situations whose unintended consequences turn out to be dangerous, if not downright disastrous.  Similarly, as we know, it is not wise to rely solely on the advice of those who stand to profit the most from the decisions.  Proponents of hydrofracking in New York have often mischaracterized the motives of those of us who have very real concerns that fracking could cause contamination of vital underground water sources, as well as the release of many other environmental pollutants which could adversely affect the citizens and industries of New York, such as farms, yogurt, wine production, and many others.
read more... [PDF]

Water Monitoring Volunteers Needed

Concerned Citizens from around New York State are engaging in a campaign to record basline water quality information for local streams. For more information, visit .

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